A Quick Guide To Improve SEO Via Email Marketing

Pepo Campaigns SEO Guide via Email Marketing

Generally, Marketers spend a consistent amount of time both to put together and drive an email marketing strategy. Another considerable share of time is allocated to create SEO optimized content and execute the SEO agenda. Often, the strongest synergies are hidden between channels that usually are not discussed together.

Email marketing is a top player in every successful marketing strategy giving back results regularly and in a measurable way.

SEO is probably even more critical, with long-term investment in terms of content and projects for optimization but harder to measure in terms of effect.  Driving Email Marketing and SEO expansion agenda in the same go helps to capitalize on the energy spent towards marketing strategies.

Trackability and easy execution of email marketing at the same time give a boost to positive side effects on your organic positioning.

The two are probably most effective marketing channels in driving ROI and can be implemented at once.

Email marketing can help your SEO performance in many small and consistent ways.

Some think that adding keywords in the email body can positively affect the sending domain reputation and indirectly drive traffic providing a higher score.

This is obviously not true and it has no positive effect. SEO optimization partner ups with email marketing in more subtle and indirect ways.

Email content blooms and turns into blog articles

It takes time to create breathtaking and original stories for your email campaigns.

All the effort most of the time converts itself in a couple of paragraphs due to the medium used.

The inspiration though could turn into longer and sophisticated stories, able to attract attention and when properly SEO optimized also able to drive a lot of relevant traffic.

Email content is enjoyed by the email base only once, while a blog article or story generated out of an email incipit while being available potentially to all over time.

If developing a blog post out of an email only, it is possible to consider to combine a series of emails on related content to generate automatically the full content required.

You will just need to write SEO friendly copy while preparing the email content over time.

This technique is ultimately good to reach a wider audience, among which Google, with your original content.

Boost social media engagement and website linking

Social shares and inbound links being driving ranking factors are affecting the SEO score.

They are such important factors because they are not simple to achieve or implement without high-quality websites and content.

By placing links to your social pages and to your website pages it is possible to drive traffic in a very focused way and to get people to share and link to your content

It is important to place in front of your base the content that is critical for you the most, in order to increase the chances that interactions and links are built around it.

Email marketing supports SEO in this case by boosting your chances to increase your Google ranking.

Revive and optimize email landing pages

Most of the time, landing pages created for email are used only once to serve their scope. They lead the users coming in directly through newsletters to a relevant page and aim to maximize conversion through their customer user experience.

Because of this, the pages are not created and fed with content with the view of staying live or for an audience generated by other than emails and newsletters.SEO Keywords are not included and content may be not very long.

This is instead a great opportunity to develop a  two traffic driver in one go

Just by spending a little more effort using the right words to optimize the SEO of an email landing page, adding few more paragraphs and by activating index, following and setting the canonical URL right.

Instead of being a one-time stand, a landing page for emails can in this way become a long term investment to profit from organic traffic and drive positively your placement.

These three were just some of the many SEO opportunities that are sitting around us and just need to be slightly tweaked to save a lot of time.

Other than SEO, email marketing when partnered with other mediums as well pushes synergies in every direction of digital marketing tactics.