How To Run Optimized Real Estate Email Marketing

Email Marketing Real Estate

One of the most important part of the job of a real estate agent is to identify new possible prospects, find a way to connect with them and nurture them until the conversion takes place. All of this needs to happen while keeping an eye and pinging back previous clients in an effort to keep the connections alive.

All these interactions can be driven via different mediums and the real estate agents are willing to leverage on tools and services that provide the best outcome with the least effort and cost.

For this reason, during the years, as new advances are made in the technology market, like new social media or advertising platforms, real estate businesses have tried to reach their customers in new ways.

From Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to Adwords, there is no source that has not been extensively tested to maximize the performance of real estate marketing strategies.

Some of these channels work better than others and for some of them, the channel may have lasted only one season. While staying up to date with this market trends, successful real estate businesses very well know that there is only one marketing medium they can always rely on and that ensures the best return on investment – ROI.

This medium is Email Marketing and, when properly set up, is indeed the best tool in the hands of a real estate agent.

Real estate agents try to find new ways to expand their marketing while running the main part of the business on email marketing as a conservative position that ensures by itself a positive business performance driving the real estate marketing.

Sometimes agents do not focus on optimizing the real estate email marketing before opening new channels. This puts them in a very exposed position to the volatility, trends, and prices of the other marketing mediums.

A real estate business that is not focusing on email marketing is somehow not focusing on its customers in the first place.

Email marketing saves the time of one-to-one communications while empowering your message to reach a broader audience of recipients with no hassle.

A real estate agent or company do not need to hire an email marketing agency to manage all these operations. It is simple and easy to get an email marketing service instead and manage everything through a platform.

A valuable email service provider – ESP – for real estate email marketing is able to harness the power of all emails functionalities, in an easy and beautiful solution that seamlessly integrates with your real estate business.

A cheap real estate solution for email marketing that compromises the quality of the service is not an option due to the high standards required for success in this business area.

At Pepo Campaign there is a history of serving as an email service provider to the world market leader companies in Real Estate, providing them with the best tools, quality, and services to target their customers with millions of successful emails every month.

Pepo Campaigns works side by side with them to develop features to fit the real estate agents needs, from special segmentations tools and CRM functionalities for improved transparency and effective communication with clients.

The most important and critical tools that are needed from real estate agents and that are provided by Pepo Campaigns platform to drive the success of real estate email marketing can be translated into the following points.

Client Communication First. Deliver More Real Estate Business.

Work class deliverability via Amazon SES is at the base of the success recipe of Pepo Campaigns. Let the Amazon technology of rotating IP Pools or Dedicated IPs smoothly deliver your emails to the primary folders of the clients’ inboxes.

Performance Tracking at Granular Level of Real Estate Email Marketing.

In real estate business, the performance tracking is not critical only at the aggregate level. Granular data for every client on open times, links clicked, devices used, geographical information are cornerstones to build a proficient targeted follow-up conversation.

Also, it is key to always have clear visibility on all attributes and custom variables collected in relation to a specific real estate client.

Smooth Integration is the Base for a Faster Growth of the Real Estate Audience.

Connecting your website and database to the email marketing platform is a strong driver for optimization, saving time and effort on a daily basis for data migration and update operations when automated.

Reach Customers on Any Device Always with Your Best Dress.

The content is as important as the layout to impress the customers. The email templates for real estate marketing are peculiar and only with a very advanced and flexible drag and drop template builder is possible to be really sure of being able to achieve all the combinations needed in this business.

And these templates do not only need to be beautiful, they also need to be perfectly responsive in order to fit perfectly with all different devices that can be used to read email marketing communication.

From Real Estate Email Segmentation To Real Estate Email Personalization.

When reaching out to customers, the real estate agent need to set a conversation at a very personal level. For this reason, he needs to be able to segment his real estate base to send different real estate targeted content, as well as filled in the copy personal information of the customers, like name, preferences, preferred locations, the range of prices, and more.

Drive the Customers through Your Real Estate Automation Workflow.

Once the real estate website is connected with the email marketing service account, it is easy to set autoresponders and most important to build flows of automatic emails to drive the customer on a regular base through pending options, communication, opportunities. It is possible to save all this time, by just setting these emails once in an automatic fashion and then let your email marketing run successfully alone.

Many articles propose a comparison between similar products at high prices. The real difference is made by email marketing experts that have to build their product and experience with real estate agents, providing them the best tools and support to success with their clients. Try Pepo Campaigns to get a feeling of how the email marketing for your real estate business could be. Complete, Affordable and Successful.