Amazon SES Dedicated IP Addresses Are Now Available, Free

Pepo Campaigns Dedicate IP Amazon SES Article

For those that are willing to forge their own sending destiny, Amazon SES is now offering dedicated IP addresses to enable customers to manage the reputation of their IP directly. Until the end of 2016, Amazon SES used only rotating pools of IP addresses to process and send all the emails. This is an optimal choice especially for those senders that do not reach high volumes of emails on a regular continuous basis.

Pepo Campaigns provide accounts that run exclusively on Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES) to guarantee the world-class deliverability for its email marketing customers.

The domain reputation of the customers is preserved via dedicated and personal Amazon AWS accounts from Pepo Campaigns and guaranteed by Amazon SES high standard and monitoring of the shared IP.

Is A Dedicated IP The Best Solution For Your Business?

The primary benefit of a Dedicated IP address is to have full control of the IP reputation. The user is the only one influencing whether or not emails get delivered.

The likelihood of an email to be correctly received by the inbox of a recipient is largely dependent on the reputation of the sending IP address.

When email service providers utilize shared IP addresses to send client emails it means that they are being sent from the same IP shared across multiple users.

For most low volume users, a shared IP is preferable for several reasons.

Low-volume mailers are able to quickly establish a reputation and history with mailbox providers and seasonal mailers do not need to warm up Shared IP addresses before send.

When not completely confident in the cleanliness of a list of contacts, it is possible to benefit from the good habits of the neighbors on a shared IP. When the reputation is shared with other virtuous subjects, small mistakes do not have a hard hit on you.

Internet Service Providers – ISPs – and Email Clients would typically be extra cautious in blacklisting shared IP for the risk of false positives due to the large audience such a decision would affect versus the single user of the Dedicated IP.

A major point is also that Email Service Providers – ESPs – have increasingly put a strong effort and sophistication in outbound email traffic and shared IP are always monitored dynamically ensuring a very high-quality score.

Amazon SES Dedicated IP Addresses are Free with Pepo Campaigns

Pepo Campaigns includes for free upon request a Dedicated IP for the custom plans above 3 million emails sent per month. This because Amazon SES requires sending around 100,000 emails per day in order to be eligible to be part of the dedicated IP program.

Once ensured the volume, Pepo Campaigns takes care of Amazon SES communications on the clients’ behalf and helps to successfully go through the warm up procedure to ensure optimal levels of deliverability.

Still unsure whether adopting a Dedicated IP address is the right solution? You can find more information following this link.