Emails Open Rate: 5 Tips to Succeed

Pepo Campaigns Open Rate Emails Tips

Out of the million emails that we receive every day, how many do we pause our browsing at? How many interesting ones do we open? And finally, how many of us actually act on the email piece? Pepo Campaigns help you cross hurdles with efficient email marketing strategies backed with creativity to ensure you make the most of your email pieces on a consistent basis. Email Marketing is far from Email Marketing is far from

Email Marketing is far from the dead which still possesses the highest engagement rates and returns on investment of any marketing strategy. The key is to stand out and stand out from the truck-load of emails. Make them open it!

An engaging subject line can prove vital

Subject line determines a good start to your email. The subject line is the first thing your target audience will notice before anything else. Write every word in the subject line closely aligned with the message without much deviation. The best practice is to note down a few options before getting into typing. A sharp subject line can prove vital to the rest that just flows in a rhythm.

Write to one person

A lot of times, we don’t focus much on the creative aspects of an email. But having said that you can keep your basics tight by crafting your content to the one you are communicating with. You might have realized that emails are opened when the recipient feels like the piece is talking to him/her. Kick-off with writing the recipient name followed by the body copy talking about the intentions of your offer. Place words with care as many readers’ attention span is drastically on the decline. You have to stand out right now! The level of focus and familiarity will engage your readers and keep them coming back for your messages in the future.

Write quality content

When the customers come to expect standard content placed strategically but are given the flipside of it, they just scroll by. Sending high-quality email less frequently is one of the best ways to keep open rates high. Bear in mind, with the reduction in attention span we as email marketers must see an opportunity through a keyhole, for which, content is the centric force.

Send from a person, not a company

Always send your email pieces from a personal point of view and not the company. For instance, don’t say, From Team X, instead place the words like this, From Peter and start off with your messaging. An email from a company gets registered as an ad piece immediately, which can derail your email. Keep your tone more personal and friendly for the reader to know what he has in store.

Send at the right time

Deadlines are everything in marketing! When it comes to email marketing the timelines becomes tighter due to huge volumes of marketing collaterals being concise into one single email piece. Ensure you send out your emails at appropriate timings given the audience, the message, and intent. You can infer this through testing or research.

Email marketing strategy has laid out formidable plans for the future. It is all on the email marketer to make it sound more innovative because even he knows that it is important to stand in order to stand out. Some of the options like Amazon SES and Amazon AWS are fast becoming marketers favorite due to convenience and efficiency.