Unmatched Deliverability With Amazon SES Email Marketing

Amazon SES Deliverability Pepo Campaigns

When you send an email to one of your subscribers the biggest fear is that is going to land in spam. If the message or any email piece doesn’t get to your audience, the relevance is wasted.

You certainly want your recipients to read your emails while finding them valuable and relevant without labeling as spam. In other words, you want to maximize email deliverability percentage.

We invest in a team of deliverability experts to optimize inbox delivery on behalf of our customers for proven deliverability. How does deliverability affect email marketing strategies? Let’s take a closer look.

Get into Amazon SES and Deliverability

Amazon has come up with fascinating features to tap into the untapped focal points of email marketing. The SES email maximizes your chances of deliverability while smartly understanding the delivery hindrances. These hindrances are proactively solved or measures are taken in order understand the problem deeper.

Understand Email Delivery Issues

In most of the cases, with the proper settings and a healthy sending domain, your messages are delivered successfully to recipients. In few cases, however, a delivery might fail, or a recipient might not be any longer interested in the email that you are sending. Bounces, complaints, and the suppression list are related to these delivery issues and are described in the following sections. Amazon SES is the next big thing for the marketers to keep an eye on.

Smart move towards proactivity

One of the biggest issues with email on the Internet is unsolicited bulk email or spam. ISPs take considerable measures to prevent their customers from receiving spam. With Amazon SES coming up gradually, the entire system is tailored for convenience and reliability. Correspondingly, Amazon SES takes proactive steps to decrease the likelihood of failures. The prolific system also maintains a trusted reputation with ISPs.

Stay Informed throughout the process

Consider any situation, whether your deliveries fail, your recipients complain, or the system successfully delivers an email to a recipient’s mail server, Amazon SES aids in tracking down the issue by providing notifications and by enabling you to easily monitor your usage statistics.

Improve Your Email-Sending Program

If you are at the receiving end of large numbers of bounces and complaints, it’s time to reassess your email marketing strategy. It is also advisable to remember that excessive bounces, complaints and attempts to send low-quality SES emails. Ultimately, you need to be sure that you use Amazon SES to send high-quality emails and to only send emails to recipients who want to receive them.

Deliverability is a critical factor in email marketing because that’s what determines everything else to follow. Ensure you follow simple steps for the delivery system to flow smooth, thereby enabling you to fit the pieces into the strategy frame. Deliver your emails a whole lot easier than your previous proceedings with Pepo Campaigns, a platform built for Amazon SES.

Capitalize on a plethora of opportunities given out by Amazon with world-class features provided to you by Pepo Campaigns. Other than Domain, DKIM and SPF verification it is possible to implement DMARC verification, Custom Links Whitelisting, List-Unsubscribe Headers, Custom Headers to maximize email client deliverability.
Contact Pepo Campaigns experts to understand what is the best recipe for you.