Email Marketing Segmentation: 3 Ways To Release Biteable Baits

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As marketers, we are on the eternal hunt for glory each day we wake up. In order to swerve the competition, we set off for that target and try to see the day through. It’s a challenge in the heat of the moment. The pressure soars. But amidst all this, comes another weapon to the market armory, ‘digital’.

The current market scenario demands an Email Marketer to possess a digital eye to release the right baits for your Email Marketing strategies. Let’s look at it from 3 different perspectives and bring all of it back to one roof.

Segment to Augment the Open Rate

In the Email Marketing pie of modern marketing techniques, Open Rate points at the number of times your recipient opens or views your email piece. Needless to say, higher the rate, larger the impact!

Segmentation is an important factor to consider creating your sending list. A proper use of segments can make your audience very niche and relevant to the email you are sending which directly effects open rate calculated as emails opened divided by emails delivered i.e. emails sent minus emails bounced.

Bounces in the list is another important factor that you need to take care while creating the list as high bounces can lead your emails to land to spam and not your customer inbox affecting your domain reputation.

Ensure your content collaterals are aligned with your audience’s need. It can be a solution for the problem, a launch piece of information, or any such email marketing material. Keep it tight and tied down to your audience’s needs & wants!

The headline is the key for them to open it. Write a few options, pause and have a close look at it to see it from the audience’s viewpoint. This is where most of your bait gets bitten. So a 40% open rate would mean, out of every 10 emails delivered to the inbox, 4 were opened.

Segment to boost clever word-plays backed with Click Rates.

Click Rate, the portion of visitors to a web page who follow a hypertext link to a particular site. Lure them into a decoy by stitching the content tailored around consumer constraints and hesitance. Segmentation aids you to create content buckets with cushioned convenience. The marketing collaterals can be scattered through varied media just by investing that tad bit time on segmentation.

Don’t forget to celebrate the bait with Increased Sales

Segmentation is a proven technique to boost sales owing to the refined focus strategy.  Set quality email template pieces tailored to consumers needs. In order to attain desired results, segment your marketing brief and allow baits like interactive content backed with fun-filled games. Your audience might just flip on your creativity and it’s alignment with the brand.

The world of marketing has a plethora of ways to segment and many of the techniques have been identified by marketing masters over the years. Go fanatic on discovering digital techniques, for the market is ever big and the consumer is just getting bigger. The key to the bait is the taste of the brand content. Give your audience a taste of what your brand and take them on a journey from leading them on to influencing them. The Email Marketing has only just begun!