Email Marketing In 2017: The Trends Trails

2017 Email Marketing Trends

Innovation is like Refinement…Trying to find the Simplest and Most Elegant Solution to a Complex Question or Problem. – V. A Shiva Ayyadurai

Paper ruffles. Constant chatters. Forever agitation. All of which was brought to a near pin-drop silence with the advent of Email! The timeline stretches herself way back to 1978, where V.A Shiva Ayyadurai, the inventor, developed an administrative system for email maintenance and management. The email marketing we all know today stems from Inter-Office Mail System.

A piece of marvelous history to remember in the world of email marketing, isn’t it? How does it stand in the current scenario? What are the limitations going forward in the email pie of marketing communications? Is email marketing really dead or do we see something through the keyhole? Hold on to your rambling thoughts, and capture the email marketing trends for 2017 & the years to come.

Chatbots will take over e-commerce email marketing

Customer behaves in a way to which the e-commerce email system triggers automated emails. With Chatbots taking over the future of email marketing, behaviorism can now be monitored closely with automated workflows. This will, in turn, enable the email marketer to produce personalized & segmented emails for each customer. Unit marketing has just begun!

Emails will shrink in innovative content strategy

Laptops have become a tad bit heavy to carry around, enter smartphones! Mobile phones are now the most common device to access emails. According to 2016 email marketing research, the meat spot for email length was between 50-125 words for optimal effectiveness. With curbed attention span over the recent years and a constraint for space, email content will become shorter.

Eye-tracking is back with innovative emails

I go where your eyes go! Eye-tracking was predominantly used for websites, which is now being used for testing innovative emails. It thrives on focus groups with real end users. Thanks to more affordable hardware, it’s now possible to run fast and inexpensive email eye tracking tests. My eyes are fixed on yours, let’s innovate!

Context will take over email content

With Google trashing the articles due to content overload, contextual content pieces add a whole new value to the email marketing segment. There’s going to be a whole lot more emails using contextual data, and what’s more fascinating is it serves as a system for real-time tracking. Content will be based on different sources, for instance, geo-location, device, weather, time, Twitter trends and stock levels.

Email will now start real conversations

Keep it real and be honest about your content without taking the circumstances too seriously. Keep it light & friendly for others to comprehend with ease. Write like you talk! Ask questions & create value circumstances for the reader to have a conversation with the written piece. A casual conversation will help your customers better relate to you & your brand holistically.

Email Marketing has entered a phase of innovation when millions of people across the globe were in the notion of the system being owing the technological advancements. With constant innovations in email marketing infrastructures like Amazon SES and Amazon AWS, the opportunity we can see through is definitely bigger than the vision through a keyhole!