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Amazon SES Deliverability Pepo Campaigns

When you send an email to one of your subscribers the biggest fear is that is going to land in spam. If the message or any email piece doesn’t get to your audience, the relevance is wasted.

You certainly want your recipients to read your emails while finding them valuable and relevant without labeling as spam. In other words, you want to maximize email deliverability percentage.

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Amazon Simple Email Service with Pepo Campaigns

Just for the record, email marketing is afloat, back alive & kicking with fascinating innovations to blow your mind. It is not dead yet. The bare minimum any email piece can do from here is to innovate. Enter Amazon SES!

Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES) is an innovative system developed by Amazon. It is an email platform providing ease of access for cost-effective marketing strategies backed by real-time monitoring feature. For instance, you can send marketing collaterals, such as special offers, transition emails, order confirmations, and other such materials conveniently through the Amazon SES system.

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Pepo Campaigns Dedicate IP Amazon SES Article

For those that are willing to forge their own sending destiny, Amazon SES is now offering dedicated IP addresses to enable customers to manage the reputation of their IP directly. Until the end of 2016, Amazon SES used only rotating pools of IP addresses to process and send all the emails. This is an optimal choice especially for those senders that do not reach high volumes of emails on a regular continuous basis.

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Email Design Building Improvements

When first planning to turn our internal email platform into a standalone product, we knew that one of the main challenges both from a technology and UX perspective would be to design a world-class email template builder. First, we have identified the pain points for the marketers, then we have translated them into their actual needs and from this, we have designed solutions to improve the email design framework

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