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Pepo Campaigns Open Rate Emails Tips

Out of the million emails that we receive every day, how many do we pause our browsing at? How many interesting ones do we open? And finally, how many of us actually act on the email piece? Pepo Campaigns help you cross hurdles with efficient email marketing strategies backed with creativity to ensure you make the most of your email pieces on a consistent basis. Email Marketing is far from Email Marketing is far from

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7 Metrics Email Marketing Pepo Campaigns

Let’s get to the flipside of email marketing strategy, the trackers that test your approach. The numbers you should use to maneuver your mistakes. Now, what these statistics will do is prevent you from overpayments for an SES email. Pepo Campaigns arms you with email strategy solutions backed with customized convenience. With tools such, this is your chance to capitalize on your blunders!

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Email Automation Experiences Pepo Campaigns

Devices have started conversing with us, not by codes, but by the language, we can decipher with ease. When email marketing automation is executed in the right way, it becomes a powerful weapon in the marketers’ arsenal.

But when the automated email piece is generated with no substance, it can turn out to be annoying. How many emails are opened and read? And how many of those are acted upon? Let’s take a closer look.

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2017 Email Marketing Trends

Innovation is like Refinement…Trying to find the Simplest and Most Elegant Solution to a Complex Question or Problem. – V. A Shiva Ayyadurai

Paper ruffles. Constant chatters. Forever agitation. All of which was brought to a near pin-drop silence with the advent of Email! The timeline stretches herself way back to 1978, where V.A Shiva Ayyadurai, the inventor, developed an administrative system for email maintenance and management. The email marketing we all know today stems from Inter-Office Mail System.
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Email Marketing Segmentation Pepo Campaigns Tips

As marketers, we are on the eternal hunt for glory each day we wake up. In order to swerve the competition, we set off for that target and try to see the day through. It’s a challenge in the heat of the moment. The pressure soars. But amidst all this, comes another weapon to the market armory, ‘digital’.

The current market scenario demands an Email Marketer to possess a digital eye to release the right baits for your Email Marketing strategies. Let’s look at it from 3 different perspectives and bring all of it back to one roof.

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Pepo Campaigns SEO Guide via Email Marketing

Generally, Marketers spend a consistent amount of time both to put together and drive an email marketing strategy. Another considerable share of time is allocated to create SEO optimized content and execute the SEO agenda. Often, the strongest synergies are hidden between channels that usually are not discussed together. Read More …