Amazon SES: A Catalyst To Email Marketing

Amazon Simple Email Service with Pepo Campaigns

Just for the record, email marketing is afloat, back alive & kicking with fascinating innovations to blow your mind. It is not dead yet. The bare minimum any email piece can do from here is to innovate. Enter Amazon SES!

Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES) is an innovative system developed by Amazon. It is an email platform providing ease of access for cost-effective marketing strategies backed by real-time monitoring feature. For instance, you can send marketing collaterals, such as special offers, transition emails, order confirmations, and other such materials conveniently through the Amazon SES system.

Brighten up about email marketing with intrinsic features backed by relentless reliability. Amazon SES has stamped its authority and is on a constant pursuit to innovate the email marketing pie of marketing communications.

The email system shoots High Deliverability

With smart features accompanied by high deliverability, Amazon SES is looking to take email marketing one notch up. The term deliverability refers to the possibility of email reaching the inbox, instead of being trashed as a spam or even being blocked. There is a measure of confidence when it comes to deliverability and reputation, owing to a strong platform with mailbox providers. The first sigh of relief!

No Hurdles with Crystal Authentication Process

Most mailbox providers take measures to evaluate whether an email is legitimate or not due to fraudulent authentication process. In the world of email marketing, authentication refers to verifying of the sender’s email. There have been many cases of email rejections. Amazon SES makes it easy for you to authenticate your email by supporting email authentication mechanisms: DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM), Sender Policy Framework (SPF), and Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance (DMARC). The email marketing line is no longer hazy!

Enjoy the Dedicated and Shared IP Addresses

Amazon SES aids you to send your email via the IP addresses, which are either shared with other customers or reserved for exclusive use. The best option for you depends on your usage case. Shared IPs are the most preferred option for many customers due to their ability to enable commitment-free email sending with arbitrary volume. The cost of this bears merely a margin.

Keep a close eye on your proceedings

To help you fine-tune your email sending strategy, Amazon SES provides multiple means by which you can monitor your sending activity, including the bounce rates & other analytical tools. You can access a plethora of information about email sending using the system. The advantages of monitoring are plenty in number and with innovations to follow, it is a start email marketers always wished for!

The Final Word

Capitalize on Amazon SES, which has entered the email marketing scenario to make trade connections more convenient, especially for businesses that require bulk email sending systems. An effective tool in your arsenal! It is simple, scalable, and cost-effective with respect to pricing. The reliability of this system is developed by proven technologies of that stand firm by their philosophy.

Amazon Simple Email Service provides you the best pipeline to drive a successful email marketing. Pepo Campaigns has developed a platform on top of it and other powerful Amazon Web Services (AWS) in order to provide the SES users with enterprise level features that would otherwise take a long time and large investments to develop alone.