7 Email Marketing Metrics To Navigate Further

7 Metrics Email Marketing Pepo Campaigns

Let’s get to the flipside of email marketing strategy, the trackers that test your approach. The numbers you should use to maneuver your mistakes. Now, what these statistics will do is prevent you from overpayments for an SES email. Pepo Campaigns arms you with email strategy solutions backed with customized convenience. With tools such, this is your chance to capitalize on your blunders!

Spam Percentage

Every email provider gives you a spam score based on the number of links included in the content piece. Your subscription with Pepo Campaigns can prove vital in reducing this percentage drastically. The subject line requires you to use trigger words that serve as baits for click on.

Open Rate

This is the most pinnacle measure of metrics. An only concrete plan backed with powerful email strategy features prove to be vital for your open rate. This simply tells you the number of times your emails have clicked open.

Click Rate

Another vital metric measure is the click rate which determines the number of clicks your email piece has received. This measure allows you an inlet into the number of visitors acted upon the Call to Action (CTA) button.

Action Rate Over Time

Are you curious about your subscribers’ timings & when they are most interested in taking action with your emails? Subscribing to Pepo Campaigns can aid you in tracking this down. What if you could predict the timings of your audience? Something most marketers are on the constant hunt for.

Bounce Rate

This simply means that your email marketing provider couldn’t deliver the email to a particular address. Don’t panic if you see your open rate not as high your expectations. Subscribe to Pepo Campaigns to avoid hiccups at the time you send your email blast. If an email server is coincidentally having a hiccup at the time you send your email blast, you might end up with a lot of bounced emails.

Complaint Rate

Take precautionary measures to reduce the complaint rate! And if things don’t reach your audience or just manages to touch the spam segment, there is no point. A complaint pop up means the email piece has been delivered to a recipient who has marked it as spam.

Unsubscribe Rate

These are the ones you should be most concerned about. The unsubscribe rate! A space where the marketer begins to be tickled. These are the guys who leave the website completely either dissatisfied or due to brand switch mentality.

Ensure you place the trackers somewhere in the corner of your head when you execute anything further on email strategy. Metrics will not only guide you through from stage scratch to stage bright but also enable you, as a marketer, to map your strategy plans to follow.